About Dame

The Dame brand first launched in Tel Aviv in 2017 by designer Anat Bry.

The first studio opened near the Ramat Gan Stock Exchange, and in early 2018 it moved to Karlibach Street in Tel Aviv.

I believe that your bag is your best friend that accompanies you throughout your day and should, therefore, be strong, comfortable, and durable. That is where the name Dame comes from: though a synonym for lady, it also stems from knighthood within British nobility. The term was established during the reign of King George V, and thus embodies everything these bags are: feminine with a strong presence and great strength.

Dame bags are made from the highest quality leathers, hand sewn, originally designed, and use the best materials available.

During the production process, much thought is put into comfort, beauty, innovation, and of course functionality. With such precise attention given to the creation process, each bag and collection is unique and distinct.