Terms of Service


The terms defined therein will have the following meaning:

  1. The Company – Registered in Israel as for-profit company # 513277962
  2. The Website – www.damebags.com
  3. The products – the various products that appear on the site and are offered for sale.
  4. Goods delivery day – the day the goods were delivered to the destination requested by the client.
  5. Mailing Address – The address specified by the client on the Order Form as the mailing address for the order.
  6. The date requested for delivery of the goods – the date specified by the client as the date on which it prefers to receive the goods.
  7. The date on which the order was made – the date on which the credit card company or PAYPAL approved the transaction made by the client.
  8. Business days – Sunday through Thursday, and do not include Friday, Saturday, Jewish holidays including the evening before a holiday officially begins, Chol HaMoed, Isru Chag and national memorial days.

General Guidelines:

  1. The website “damebags” is a website that sells handbags and fashion accessories (“the Website” and “the Company” respectively).
  2. The site is used as a virtual store for the sale of new bags and accessories, and is owned by the Company and managed by it.
  3. The Website as a whole, including any information on the site, any information accessed through the site, and the software that underlies the site is submitted and made available to the user as is.
  4. Please read the terms of use carefully. The terms and conditions set forth in this document (hereinafter: the “Terms”) apply to any person who chooses to use the services of the website www.dambags.com (hereinafter: “the Website”), and without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid (“The Client”) hereby declares that she/he is aware of and accepts the Terms of Use of the Website and that she/he and / or her/his designees shall have no claim and / or file suit and / or demand against the Company, the Website, the Website Owner, the Website Operators and / or anything related to them, in all matters relating to the provisions and conditions of these terms, other than claims related to the breach of the Website’s obligations under the terms of use.
  5. The provisions of these Terms will apply to all uses and purchases made by the Client on the Website, and will constitute the legal basis for ordering and browsing the Website, and it only regulates the relationship between the company and the Client through the Website, and no relationship will be created between the client and the Website and / or the company as detailed in the terms of use and regulations.
  6. The Company does not guarantee that the use of the Website will be provided in a regular manner without interruptions, errors, malfunctions, damages, failures, including hardware, software, lines and communications systems of the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf and / or any of its suppliers, and shall be immune to unauthorized access to the Company’s computers or shall be injured for any other reason.
  7. The Company shall not be liable for any damage and / or loss and / or expense, including mental anguish, caused to the Client and / or its property in connection with the use of the Website.
  8. The Company reserves the right to change or update the Terms of Use from time to time, at its sole discretion, without the need to give notice and / or prior notice.
  9. The pictures of the products displayed on the site are for illustration purposes only, and do not obligate the Company and management of the Website.
  10. The Company offers for sale on the Website various products, quantities, prices and conditions as it deems appropriate, and at its sole discretion.
  11. The Company reserves the right to add products offered for sale on the Website or to remove them from time to time, at its sole discretion.
  12. The Company does its best to ensure that the information presented on the Website is as accurate as possible; however, if an error occurs in the description of the product, its price, the payment terms detailed beside it, its picture or any other detail relating to the product or receipt of the data from the Client, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the order at any time until the product is delivered to the Client, and without this being considered a breach of an agreement on the part of the Company.
  13. The Company does not undertake to maintain inventory of all models and / or products appearing on the Website. A prerequisite for approving a sale is that the product is in stock. Therefore, in the event that the Company will not be able to supply the Product to the Client due to a lack of inventory, the transaction will be canceled and the Company will refund the Client the amount paid or cancel the credit card charge. In this case, the Client will have no claim or suit against the Company of direct or indirect damage caused to the Principal and / or to a third party.
  14. The Company’s computer records, regarding the actions carried out through the website, will be the only prima facie proof of the correctness of actions.
  15. The terms and conditions of use of the Website apply to the use of the Website and the services included therein by any computer or other communications device, including cellular phones, PDAs, etc. They also apply to the use of the Website whether through the Internet or through any network or other means of communication.
  16. The Company reserves the right to update the prices of products and / or offers and / or shipping rates from time to time at its sole discretion, without prior notice.
  17. The valid price for the order is the price published during the completion of the ordering process, including the receipt of the Company’s approval to charge a credit or debit card through PAYPAL (“the Order”).
  18. All products sold on the Company’s website are offered for sale in New Israeli Shekels and include VAT according to law, and do not include shipping charges. The Website and / or the Company reserve the right to offer and / or change from time to time the terms and conditions of the shipment and / or replacement and / or return of the Product (hereinafter: “the Terms of Delivery”), including but not limited to free shipping at their sole discretion. The binding terms of delivery shall be the terms of delivery that will be in effect at the time of placing the order and / or replacement and / or return of the product, as the case may be.
  19. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Company may prevent the Client from ordering products on the Website in any of the following cases:
  • The Client acted contrary to the provisions of these Articles.
  • At the time of registration or order, the Client has provided incorrect details that constitute a criminal offense, and the person doing so is liable to criminal and civil proceedings.
  • The Client has committed an act or omission that harms or is likely to harm the Website and / or the Company and / or any other legal entity connected to it and / or any third parties, including its clients and suppliers.
  • The Client has used the Website’s services to perform an illegal act under the laws of the State of Israel or to enable, facilitate, assist, encourage the execution of such an act.
  • The Client has violated the terms of this Agreement or the terms of any other online service offered by the Company.
  • The credit card in the possession of the Client, through which the Client wishes to pay for the order, has been blocked or restricted for use in any manner whatsoever.
  • The Client has previously refrained from paying for products purchased on the Website and / or in the company’s store, or owes money to the company or to any of the companies associated with it, and has not paid the amount due, even though the normal payment date has passed.
  • Any other reason that is not done in good faith.
  1. After entering the order details, an email presenting the order details will be sent to the client’s email. This notice constitutes confirmation of receipt of the order only, does not constitute a confirmation of payment, and does not obligate the Website and / or the Company to supply the products.
  2. An order on the Website will be made by credit card or alternatively through the Client’s PAYPAL account. A prerequisite for completing the order includes obtaining the approval of the credit card company and / or of PAYPAL as entered by the Client. The Client’s charge for the order will be made immediately, subject to the approval of the credit card company and / or subject to the terms of use and the privacy policy of PAYPAL, and not the Company’s Website
  3. . Orders made after 4:00 pm GMT+3 will be received on the following business day.
  4. The details of the order as entered by the Client in the order form and the transaction registration on the Company’s computers shall constitute conclusive evidence to the correctness of the course of action.

 Intellectual Property:

 All the intellectual property rights on the Website, including, among other things, the name of the Website, the domain name www.dambags.com, the pages of the Website, the elements of the Website, the algorithms of the Website, the verbal content, logos, icons, (including graphics, design, verbal presentation, etc.) as well as their editing and presentation on the Website, patents, designs, confidential information, trade secrets and the collection of personal information of Clients and users of the Website are the sole property of the Company and / or the management of the Website and / or a third party which allowed the Company to use them, are not to be used without permission.

  1. Copying, distributing, publicly displaying, transferring, altering, processing, reproducing, translating, selling, leasing or delivering any of the intellectual property to any third party by any means whatsoever without prior written consent of the Company is strictly forbidden. Any breach of this section may result in infringement of copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights in a manner that may impose upon the Client or user penalties and / or criminal and / or civil penalties under law.
  2. The Company’s name and trademarks, those registered and those not registered, are the sole property of the Company and are protected by copyright in Israel and other countries and are subject to international conventions and may not be used and / or modified and / or edited or added graphic elements and / or text and / or music and sounds to in all their aspects even in cases where there is explicit permission from the Website and / or Company, and are strictly prohibited.
  3. The Website and / or the Company and their operators, managers, employees and affiliates are not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property and / or moral right and / or violation of the use of third party trademarks by a Client registered on the Website.
  4. Any trademark appearing on the Website containing the words “DAME” and / or “DAMEBAGS” whether it is only words / letters, or an image is a trademark of the Website and all rights in this regard are reserved to the Company. All other trademarks appearing on the Website are the property of their respective owners.


  1. The Client hereby declares and undertakes to reimburse the Website and / or the Company and / or its employees and / or anyone acting on its behalf in respect of any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them, including legal expenses and attorney fees, in the case of violating the afore explained Terms and Conditions.

Law and Jurisdiction:

  1. These Terms of Use, as well as the additional terms and conditions appearing elsewhere on the Website, are subject to Israeli law, and the jurisdiction with respect to their implementation will be to the competent court in the city of Tel Aviv only.
  2. Any notice to the Client that will be executed according to the details entered into the system and shall be deemed to have reached the Client within 5 business days from the day it was delivered.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact us at info@dambags.com  – or call +972526366296.